Welcome to Emerakaya Gallo!

Please join us in welcoming Emerakaya Berdine Gallo to this world!

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

It was a wonderful birth.  Third time is the charm!  We had a night and day of  mild labor and only 5 hours of hard labor.  With the help of two extremely competent and helpful midwives Emerakaya was born at 2:22 am on the 6th of November.    The name Emerakaya came to Wendy back in January before conception.  She did not know where the name came from, then a few months later, it started to make sense.  Kaya means wise child in Hopi.  Emera is sounded out like emeralds. Berdine, known as Berdi (“Birdy”), was her maternal, maternal great grandma.  To me, her name brings to mind good times from Hopi land, nature, and hope for the future.

Wendy was amazing throughout.  The kids did not even wake up!  The next morning was magical, with both kids figuring it out out and eagerly awaiting their visit into the bedroom, and then looking at her with such excitement.  It felt like Christmas Morning!

First Looks!

The Kids on Day 1

After the inital bliss, things got real tough.  Elijah came down with a nasty virus on her birthday, complete with a suprise vomit on the kitchen table.  It has been touch and go ever since, and we are just now getting to the Blog, thanks to Grandma Gerry, aka GiGi, coming to help.  Thank goodness also that Emerakaya is such a sweet girl.

There have been many wonderful moments though.  Our first family walk up to the rock comes to mind, as does the visit from Nono and Nona, and Thanksgiving when Grandma Kate, Auntie Annie, and GiGi all came and cooked up a fantastic feast!

Our first family picnic

Our first family picnic

Thanksgiving with Grandma Kate, Auntie Annie, and Gigi (taking picture)

Also, as a point of housekeeping, we are firing up the blog again, with a focus on resilience at the personal, family, and regional level.  See the Home page above for an overview, and click on the “Follow” button on the right column to get an e-mail when we make a new post.

Thank God for Gigi (Grandma Gerry).

And we’ll continue to add pictures to our flickr site as they come, and for the time being you can view the slideshow for family photos post birth!

Happy Nona

Nono (Grandpa) and Natasha eating Rabbits



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12 responses to “Welcome to Emerakaya Gallo!

  1. Great update Johnny. Congrats to all.
    Dan Doc

  2. Anonymous

    The first sight of Emerakaya brings tears of awe and joy…perfect. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves this way. Love and hugs, Emily

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful family! Thank you for sharing the news!
    Abby, Andrew & Clare

  4. John Gallo

    Thx Danny Doc, Abby and Fam, and Em. And your welcome and Thanaks. 🙂 End Emily, Emerakaya sounds just like Emily when you start saying her name…Cheers all!

  5. Melissa Adey

    Wow! Such a gorgeous family. Congratulations to you. I climbed Lions Head with Samantha recently and we were wondering how your brrod is doing. Fabulous that its grown bigger. Kaya also means Home or house in Zulu btw. My email address is for my new job xxx would love to hear from you when you have a gap xxx Much love and wishes from Africa

  6. Ralph Philbrick

    May all continue to go well.

    The First Look picture is great!

  7. Ehren Koepf

    Congratulations! Best, Ehren

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, awesome photos. Thanks for sharing. Huge hugs!!

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! Such a beautiful family you have Johnny. I just got back from a conference where they said the healthiest children are those who are exposed to barn animals early in life 🙂 You guys hold on to your dreams! Much love to all of you!
    Ann and Robert Jamgochian

  10. JOhn

    Thanks Gang! Melissa, did you know that is where I proposed to Wendy? Great spot. Good to know about home meaning too. Glad you are stoked wth the new job. Missing Africa… Ann, good to know. Gives me hope. Unfortunately, kids are sick again, sigh, and poor Mom got it this time. It has been touch and go. This is first mometn back on computer. Looking forward to reading the e-mails someday; stoked ya’ll posted here instead! So great to have the good vibes flowing around.

  11. Mike Dougherty

    My spirit is elated by your good news. I am trying to beat Matthew in the time line of congratulations. Keep us posted of any flight times to the east in 2013? Both enjoy the parental moment in your peace

    • John Gallo

      Thanks! his christmas card arricved first thogh, so you’re even. 😉 Hoping to come back esat in 2014 when Emerakaya still flies free, but all kids are a bit older.

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