Inner Eden Ranch

We are doing our best to stay connected to the land, and our food, while also helping society out conventionally. More to come someday on this site.  For now, please see our page tabs about our Goats, some of which may be for sale!  (And, we are taking orders for next year.)




7 responses to “Inner Eden Ranch

  1. Sophia Kregoski

    Hello my name is Sophia
    I was looking at your doeling, Daisy and was wondering if she was still for sale or if you already sold her? We already have a myotonic goat and he needs a friend and also I was looking for a got to show. Thank you

  2. Sophia Kregoski

    Sorry I accidentally pressed send before I could finish doing the info section

  3. HI Sophia, no problem. Yes, youare in luck Daisy is still available. Did you find wendy’s e-mail address on the bottom of the next page? John

  4. sophia kregoski

    I did thank you

  5. sophia kregoski

    Hello again. My mom was wondering if you could email me a video of her?My email is She was also wondering what her bloodlines have produced? Thank you
    -Sophia 🙂

    • Sophia Kregoski

      Hello this is Sophia Kregoski. We bought Daisy a while back and I was wondering if you could send me a picture of her pedigree/papers. My mom was wondering if we could, sadly we have to sell her.:( Thank you very much! ~ Sophia Kregoski


      • John Gallo

        Hi Sophia, Just noticed this set of comments agan. WE moved this to e-mail and resolved it there if I remember correcly. Let me know if not. Cheers! John

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