Wonderful Wedding

The wedding was fantastic.

It was on November 10. Now that Natasha is here, it is hard to write about the wedding. Best to go get som sleep right now. The photos that Andrew Brown took tell a great story. (Link here to the Slideshow or individual photos) Basically, the community and support that everyone brought to the event was very touching. Special thanks go to Jennifer for hosting and catering, Melissa for organizing and the flowers, John-O for the bachelor party and getting me to the wedding on time ;), Karin and Charlie for the great wine, Garth for organizing the beer, Sarale for the beautiful crown, Andrew for the photos, and everyone for their support and best wishes.

Wendy and I are very blessed to be married to each other and have all of you in our lives.


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  1. Aunt Maggie

    I am so glad she is here, safe and sound and Wendy is looking so strong and healthy. Thank you so much for the movie… Her legs look like pachydurm, ready to fill up and get whole dimply..

    Life there appears so rich and paradisical…not the Africa I know but just as complex and wondrous.
    You are not missing much here, boring politics and blah, nauseating facsimiles.. Learn, enjoy and love your new family.. So very proud of you three.
    All my joy shout out to the heavens toyou.
    Love Mom

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