Family and Friends

Hello Friends and Family,

Thanks everyone for the outpouring of love and support. It was especially fun to get the comments on the blog as they rolled in. E-mails were wonderful too. Thanks!

Big news here is that we had some wonderful guests. My fam came for Christmas, and Wendy’s Mom and Aunt came a few weeks later. Both great visits. Some pics, and the slideshow, are linked below.

As you can see in the previous post, Natasha is healthy and happy. Wendy and I are tired, but healthy and happy as well. Time has taken on a whole new dimension though. It is really tough to stay on top of life, and meet all the work deadlines. But Elias and Nick have inspired me to get organized and post the latest pics. Priorities. 😉

We miss you all, and are really looking forward to being with you again.


John (And, from the other room, Wendy, Natasha, and Indi)

SOme of the Pics are below, the rest are at Flickr: click “view as slideshow” if you have a fast connection. you can see the picture titles using the options tab in slideshow mode.

Painting the belly cast

Family Photo: (For those of you who have not met my Fam yet, this is Wendy and I, then Diva, and Novia, my Dad (John L.) Natasha, Sabre, and Annie

Checkin out the Cango Caves:

Great Aunt Elizabeth and Grandmother Gerry


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