All is well; and coming home for a visit!

Things are going great here, just a bit busy. Natasha is growing and changing increadibly. On the surface: she is no longer a brunette– now a blonde. We did not dye here hair, promise. Teeth are coming in too, early. They surfaced at four months. Pre-Dawn is a good time to be awake, they say. Also we got her official birth certificate: Natasha Kate Nolitha Gallo. Nolitha means “warm like the rising sun” in Xhosa. John learned the name last winter when he visited their village. And after we got to know her, decided that it had to be part of her name.

WE don’t know where the time goes. But, we have managed to update the Flickr site. A highlight was visiting Addo Elephant National Park in March. Flickr set with those photos is linked below and on right side bar. We had a fun Braai (BBQ) with fire dancing on Earth Day. alas, no pictures, were caught up in the moment. And, big news today, 6 chicks hatched! Ok, maybe that is not such big news compared to this: we are coming home early summer for a visit! Yay. Then John heads to Society for Conservation Bio conference. Then we are probably going to come back here and hit up the Kalahari, with the wonder Bean and world traveler Cory G! Super stoked they are making it out.

new sets:


natasha: (in reverse chronological order)

and if you have dial-up, you can go to the above links, just delete show/ from the url.


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