the new new

Well, before catching everyone up on the last 5 months, let me start with the latest: Natasha is walking! She is loving it. The look she was getting on her face as she crossed the living room was fantastic; arms held stiffly out, body tottering, face concentrating at first, then brightening with excitement with every step, she would arrive at my open arms a bundle of joy. But I write in past tense. That was a few weeks ago. Now walking is old hat– the new new is finding new places, and getting to where she wants to go.  Gotta feel good.

Speaking of Natasha, I hear from the other room that it is time to have dad back. (I took a few minutes of valuable writing time to post the new header). Hopefully I’ll be back in a few minutes, but if not. More soon… 😉

P.S. Pics from trip home are now posted. We did not replace our point and shoot till the end though.  Was fantastic seeing everyone. Thanks again to those of you that helped make the whirlwind tour possible: yeah, I’m talking about Corey and Gillian Linberg, Great Uncle Patrick and Aunt Susan, Mike and Mel Coulter,Uncle Matt and Aunt Tina, all the Grandparents, especially Norm (thanks again for the wheels and the wings!), Misty, and many others. Thanks!!!


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  1. Hi there seems like you guys are being blessed by God that is awesome! I am glad to hear you guys are fine and the picturse are so cute. I love love the video, “I am gonna get you.” its so funny. I wanted to see more of wendys face. The face of a glowing momma.

    God bless all three of you and your families who miss you back home.


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