Brief overview of the last three months


It was a good year

All things considered

People are starting

to wake up

To a new world


I hit busy 2009 on January 2nd and did not stop for more than a day or two until March 13. Lots of good blog entries have passed, and are now good stories someday. I am sitting here at a “car boot sale” which is a centralized garage sale. Sales are slowing down, so I’ll take a quick stab at the titles of those missed blog entries, and you’ll see some of the corresponding photos on Flickr:

Moving to Sedgefield: from the foothills to the sea

Welcoming Gerry Wyman! Wendy’s Mom moves to SA.

Swinging from the Trees

Cheetah Girls

Andrew and Bethany Forever

Game Drivin’

The Great American Job Search (I’m still looking at options, if you know of any good ones)

Millwood Canyon Pools (Dropkelders)

Obama’s first 60 days in office


Biodiversity Planning Forum (Put on by the South African National Biodiversity Institute… Why can’t we have one of these?)

Natasha Hikes a Half Mile…

And the list goes on. I’ll flesh out the latest one just now.  Bottom line is that work is good, life is exciting, and SA is fantastic.  We miss everyone, and are looking forward to coming home. Should be between June and August sometime…


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