In transition

The job I mentioned in the previous post was doing bird and botanical surveys in the Oregon mountains.  Turned out to be a TON of work, including steep hikes off-trail on a tight time schedule.  I was up at 3 or 4 every day, and sweating hard and long from about 6 am.  70-75 hr weeks.  But it was great for the soul.

Now it is time to do the data entry, wrap up South Africa work, publish some of my findings, look for a job/house/car/etc, organize, etc.  Any free time is spent being with wonderful Wendy, Natasha, and Indi.  We all need that as a break to just logistics.  Wendy is about to start working to finish up her internship hours before the deadline.  Currently, we are going to base out of Santa Cruz, where Wendy’s parents live, but that could change any day.

It warms me up to see onthe blog stats that so many of you are still checking in. It pains me to be so close to you all, but to be so focused on this transition that I might as well still be in SA.

Maybe let me/us know how you are doing.  Would be stoked to hear from you.  I’ll update the contact info just now.




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