To be a Meat Eater…

One of the more profound and raw experiences of the year was harvesting our buck goats.  Only the does produce milk, so we had to either sell them for cheap or gain a winter’s freezer full of meat.  The choice was clear.

One of our friends is attending the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Institute and connected us with some of her friends there that know about animal processing with honor and respect.  They were gracious enough to come and show me and some of their newbies how it is done.  I hope to add more to this blog soon, but if not, let me just say that the actual killing was primal, raw, sad, adrenalating, and real all the same time.  The skinning and dressing was fascinating.  The crew was great!

Many Thanks to the RDNA crew!Overall, I am stoked to learn a new and useful skill.  I’m also glad I did it.  I also think the process is something that all Americans should do at once in their life if they want to eat meat…

Important: This news does not get back to Elijah or Natasha.  We are going to tell them when they are as old as possible.  This is dinner this winter.  They knew that the boys had to “go away” someday, and whenit happened, Natasha did not want to ask about it, and Elijah seems to have not noticed.

Please let me know if you would like to learn how to skin a rabbit, and if so, I’ll post a video and pics.


Many Thanks to the RDNA crew!

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