Family Leave Over; Emerakaya at 2 months

It has been such a blessing to be home during Emerakaya’s early days.  We have had some blissful moments together.  She is now at the stage that when she sees your face a few feet away she breaks into a big wide grin, eyes sparkling, complete with coos and sighs.  Melts my heart.  I have been on a journey to open my heart more, and she has been a key player.

Here are a few pics from one of those moments.

I started work on Monday, and it is good to be back in the saddle helping nature out.  I did not finish the paper rewrite though, so we’ll continue to have short blogs.

Of note on theme: we have also been looking at properties. Would be good to move soon. Interesting to see two paths lining up in front of us.  Not clear which is best…



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2 responses to “Family Leave Over; Emerakaya at 2 months

  1. Emerakaya surely looks like a happy little girl.
    Aunt Cathy from Cincinnati

    • John Gallo

      thx Aunt Cathy! yeah, she is happy. really calm and patient too. good thing otherwise she’d get reallyfrustrated really quick. i pray that it lasts.

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