Best garden, great trip, and a short update.

It has been a great summer!  Super busy, but super Rich.  The kids are growing like weeds.  (The good kind of weeds  😉 Work is good, about to be great (new announcement coming soon!).  And Wendy is learning and applying so much about homesteading.  I’ve been lax in posting because that paper I mentioned in April, well, I was convinced by my co-authors to do a complete re-framing, which led to a complete revision.  Many late nights and weekend hours over the summer, and now, it is much, much better, and is now off my desk again.  Phew!  It is no longer consuming all my spare time at the computer.  It will be back soon, for me to make small changes, and send out again.

More pics coming soon, but for now, here are a few from facebook that double as also giving more of an update.


One of the summer highlights was attending a conference in my field of work:

conferenceGreat part of the trip was being able to see extended family!  This is such an important circle of the neo-community venn diagram I wrote about before.


The above is some of Wendy’s fam, on her Mom’s side, and below are some of the Docs (Dougherty’s), my Mom’s side.


There is so much more to write about, both in the theme of life, and also regarding homesteading etc.  For instance, Wendy bucked the odds and successfully cured our best goat of an “uncurable” Staph. infection in her udder, using mostly herbal remedies and a few udder infusions.  More on both of these soon.  If you are curious about one now contact us or comment below.


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