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Hello All,

We wanted to make a lot more calls and e-mails telling people that we are expecting.  Excited about it.  Alas, been waay too slammed.  Wendy’s belly is getting reallly big.  We rae ready for the big day.  I’m glad that you are at least getting hte news this way.  any good thoughts for a safe and special birth are appreciated.

I’m fired up about a new movement for networking all the people in the world that want to make it a better place.  Check out to find out more and to sign up, no committment necessary.  😉

Am busy writing papers and looking intot the possibnility of starting an organization centered around living decision support systems for open space.  Regional and local scale for now.  Includes a big “citizen science” component.  For instance, if you are on a hike in your favorite spot and notice a new invasive exotic plant, you can pull out your cell phone and take a picture, and if your phone has GPS, get a GPS position.  Then when you return to cell phone range the date automatically uploads into the decision making system, for validation, and then will help in the decisions about where and how we should spend our limited conservation resources and energy.  Imagine that scenario times a million.  If you have any thoughts onthe ideas, or want to help, please let me know.

Hoping all is well with everyone on this cool November day.




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