Elijah and the Lion: the second half of the story

Hi Folks,

I just sent an e-mail out with the family update.  If you did not get it, and you want it, then send me an e-mail cause I must be using one of your old addresses. (Exception: I just got a strange e-mail from google.  If your e-mail addrdress starts with a  j, then you should be getting the e-mail when google figures out I’m not abusing their system)

Anyway, here is the rest of the story as provided by Bebe, with a small edit:  😉

“We made a mad dash for the windmill, everyone running fast, holding hands, with me in the back for protection.  Out of nowhere a lion leaps out of the grass and confronts me while the clan makes it to the windmill for protection.  I think that at least my family is safe, I’ve done my job, albeit sacrificing my life for the safety of my peeps.  The lion and I are face to face, expecting an attack at any moment I take off my jacket revealing a Dodger’s jersey to the Lion.  The lion sees the Dodgers jersey and says to himself, “this poor guy is a Dodgers fan?  I can’t kill him, he’s already suffered enough – poor guy.”  And the lion leaves me alone……Thanks Bebe!!   You saved my life.   Thanks for the Jersey even though you know that I’m an enlightened sports fan and the Giants are my team.   I hope you don’t mind that I only wear it when I want people to feel sorry for me.  😉


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