The Choice

Today I write about an exercise in getting to know yourself, sustainability, and growth.

But first, a mini-update. We had a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  Interspersed was an unplanned trip to Santa Cruz.  Fortunately, everyone is doing well now.  It was a good trip, so much could be said about it, but probably only interesting to close family..

The Truth about the Mayan Calendar

One conversation that comes to mind is with Marilyn Bacon, Chris’s mom.  She has been making great movies, and recently is focusing on indigenous rights and cultural diversity.  She was in Costa Rica on 12/21 and got to watch a Mayan Ceremony, interpreted by an Apache.  The overarching theme is that the end of the Mayan Calendar is not the end of the world,  but instead a much deeper message.  The time is about a transition to a new consciousness.  This corroborates all that I have read and heard about it in recent years (from credible sources, that is).  ( we wathed 2012 The Odyssey and 2013: Timewave)  (A key point is that the end of the Mayan Calander is not an exact date wither, but the age we are living through now.)  (Note: I think Marilyn’s trip was associated with the UN resolution mentioned in this related blog, but I’m not positive.)

Why the Misinformation and Ridicule?

My editorial is that we are at a great fork in the road in which the majority of people on this planet want the transformation.  Unfortunately, the powers that be, and the TV/Movies/Commercials/Newscasts they create, don’t want significant change.  They want to keep kicking the can down the road until they are dead.  Sometimes it is frustrating that (U.S.) Americans are such a small percentage of the world, but such a huge influence on it.  (I’ll admit, I am writing without proper nuance because time is tight, please forgive me.)

So this  led to the exercise I thought up while doing the dishes tonight.  It is a way of testing yourself.  The only right answer is your answer, if you don’t share it you can be more honest about it….  I’d love to write it into a short story, complete with recollections of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation’s Universe, but no time.

The Choice:

Hypothetical:  Assume that reincarnation happens, but it is limited to your species.  Imagine it is 7 lifetimes from now.  What is life like?  How about 700 lifetimes?

Now, imagine we have a fork in the road right now, and you decide which way we all go.  On the left, is the triple bottom line, in which we pursue economic, social, and ecological sustainability.  On the right, we  pursue economic and technological growth.  Now, for arguments sake, you know that the human race would survive each fork indefinitely.  (The right fork becomes Asimov’s vision, in which Earth becomes the ghetto of the Universe with its “Caves of Steel,” but there are some gorgeous suburban planets that you can move to if you can afford the expense…)

Which fork would you take?

Don’t just choose my bias, think about it…If we take the left fork, your 7 lives, or 700, or 7 million, won’t be as easy or rich technologically.  For instance, my technological desire is to have an iThought that converts my thoughts to digital text and verbal recordings, (and that does not require me to plug in to the matrix).  That will be here in 7 lifetimes on the right fork> Meanwhile, it might take  70 lifetimes in the left.  Maybe, we’ll never get there, as we develop ESP and direct communication instead.

Come back to this later when you have time to think about the two worlds.


In the meantime, I saw this on Transformation on Facebook and got a kick out of it…



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6 responses to “The Choice

  1. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and New Year. So here’s wishing
    you all a good 2013. I suppose Gerry is back home by now. I will have
    to give her a call. Sending best wishes from Aunt Catherine in Cincinnati.

  2. John Gallo

    Thx Aunt Catherine. Yeah, she was back home by Thurs I think. She is recovering well, and will appreciate your call I’m sure.

  3. John Gallo

    One of Marilyn’s current films is this one to stop clearcutting inthe Tongass. Here is the trailer: Any funding leads to help finish it are welcome!

  4. JOhn

    Honey- here is a thought for you, imagine every one having an iThought. Seven Billion iThoughts- who’s would YOU read?

  5. Wendy

    OK you caught me, that last comment was from me not John. I’ll figure out posting sooner or later 😉

  6. John Gallo

    I’d read yours of course sweetie, hopefully i could read the unedited feed too…;)

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