To know the meat you are eating…

Following up on the “To Be a Meat Eater” post:

The core RDNA crew came back and we butchered the meat.  Afterwards, we had a chance to all check in and discuss any aspect of the process.  By far, the most interst/brainstorming went into the issue of when/how/if to tell the kids.  Wendy and I talked about it after that some more and came to the perfect lesson learned: we wish we would have told Natasha before the goat kids were even born, in a really slow and understanding way, that if they were boys they would need to be eaten for food.   Next time.  As for this round, we’ve decided it would be best to not say anything now, or maybe ever, and hope for the best.  Those of you that we see in person: please don’t mention this issue around the kids.  Sigh.  I don’t like secrets like this.

Since we killed both goats at the same time, using different types of cuts, and butchered them at the same time using different approaches, I had several lessons learned for if there is a next time.  But those are beyond the scope of most people’s interest I think.  For now, lets add a photo or two:


It has been surreal being a goat farmer for a couple months.  (I was only a goat farmer’s husband before that.)  Tonight my headlamp batteries were dying so I did the milking in complete darkness to save them for later.  The patter of rain started a few minutes later on the tin roof of the arena, joining the laughing gurgle of the stream meters away, and countering the rhythmic swish swish of the milk into the bucket.  It was excellent.

But the moment ended.  Back in the house I reflect on society, eating meat, and our many disconnects.  Then I think about how little I know about farming and working the land, and how little time I’ll have for it, especially if my big ideas at work come to fruition.  So much will depend on Wendy and the kids.  This may be a passing time in our life or it may be here to stay.    Regardless, I’m grateful to have had the experience (and the yogurt, cheese, milk, steaks, ribs, and morracan goat stew, which have been fantastic!  😉


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