Neo-Community and 12/21/12

I might only have a couple minutes. Understanding the different dimensions of time has been a major theme during this Family Leave. If any parents of 2 or more, especially 3, have any advice about the following I’m all ears: both of my older kids want attention with more passion than ever before. It is trying on us all…

I’ve been asked about the blog, here is a quick stream of consciousnesses.

Wendy and I will be making posts. I can’t speak for Wendy, but I’m hoping we can post about 2 times a month, but won’t worry if we don’t. My Family Leave (thanks to The Wilderness Society and new CA rules!) ends in a few weeks. During that time, big chunks of time a the computer will be devoted towards finishing the paper I have drafted several times in the last 7 years.  Less than 15 minute blocks, and I’ll try to blog and sort photos.

The target audience for the blog is our Neo-Community. This is a made up term that recognizes that “Community” has changed dramatically in our lifetime. When we were kids, “Community” almost always meant the people that you interacted with, in person. Now, it is that, but it is also the people you interact with via the computer/phone. Several generations before that, with the number depending on your culture, there was a third group: The Extended family, was an important group of people you interacted with in person.


That is my quick sketch of the idea in text and Word “SmartShapes”.  So yeah, the blog is targeted for our the people in our Neo-Community that believe that a better world exists and are willing to take steps in getting there.  I contend that the steps are different for every person, that they know the steps when they stop to think about it, and which ones they can take and not fall…And if they do fall by accident, they get back up and try it again in a different way.

p.S. I drafted this a few days ago, but have yet to review it, nor has wendy.  time to publish though.  Happy Solstice!


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