Treasures in the Attic

Came across some fantastic photos last weekend that I took when I was 10 yrs old.  (THis post falls on the biology circle of the neo-community.)   Here are some of those pics from the “Dougherty Olympics” circa, 1983 or so:

Uncle Mike, Uncle Patrick, and Uncle Jeff (Left to right on top picture). One of my all time favorite sequences.

Also fantastic because of the pictures of our beloved Uncle Patrick.  He has Lewy Body disease, and might not be with us for much longer.  It is really sad.  But it has been amazing to see how he and the family take it, how we are all growing with it.  Aunt Susan has maintained a great blog, and Team Patrick makes showings all over the world.  Side note: new research is showing that what you do in your life, like drinking, might affect your chances of getting dementia, as is your family history of dementia…

Here is another classic from that roll that everyone in the pic will appreciate:

Good times!

That is Cuz Maria and Cuz Michael right? I love his grin.

I want to post all of them, but time for shut-eye.  Click on the pics to go to the download page.  More of the pics over in Flickr.  It is really fun seeing all the cousins as little kids again!



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2 responses to “Treasures in the Attic

  1. Thanks for this, John! We love you guys. xo

  2. John Gallo

    We love you guys too~! xox. did you see any of the game last night? almost an amazing comeback. love to all – J

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