Tom the Turkey

I had the good fortune of receiving a Large Wild Turkey.

This was an amazing gift in so many respects- a metaphor for the life I strive to lead – the life I love.  One of sustenance of simplicity and sustainability.  However this Gift came at an unexpected time.  That day I admit I had to struggle with the dark side and I lost to the pressures of modern life.  I took my kids to a in home drop off and continued on with my errands and food shopping thinking I would get to know Tom later,  rather than keeping my kids, and accepting the gift of free wild food and opportunity for true home education.  The next morning after milking the goats, walking dog, feeding kids, and letting out chickens.
I rolled up my sleeves determined to live my beliefs and walk the path  so graciously placed before me.  I locked the kids and myself and  Indi our Aussie in a square animal pen that is grassy and open ( I locked us in to keep the three and five year old mischief on the farm to a less than life threatening level. (We rent on a working ranch where there are tractors with keys that stay in them, and ranch hands that drive too fast!)
I used medical gloves as there was no water near by and I might at any moment need to help or otherwise save baby Berdi our 5 month old daughter from her loving and helpful brother and sister.

Elijah’s first anatomy lesson, gloves and all.

After learning that many folks often just cut the breast out and leave the rest considering it “not much meat” I decided to learn more…  in the end decided to use most/all the bird.  ( I likened this to the cowboy way or the Indian way)  I love cowboys- but I think we all need to be more Native.  I plucked the feathers and beard just by pulling up against the grain a small handful at a time.  One of the ranch hands took pity on me, he jumped the fence and held the bird for me – two is better than one, it goes faster and there is minimal skin tearing.  I got the guts out, and the guts head and feet were given back to the wildlife – gone within hours.  All in all there was a good amount of meet on Tom and we were so grateful for the experience.  because I lost that first day to the illusion (my way of referring to the incredibly over busy schedule that feels like a do or die to succeed in modern times)  and ran out of time with the little ones I ended up using Tom to offset Indie’s food costs- and he agrees that Tom is the best dinner guest he has ever had.

We’ll be taking the feathers to the Buckeye Gathering to share at Kids Camp and make lovely things.


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