Democracy Digest #85 | Vote Today! And some key links

Hi Friends and Family,

I’ve had some interest from some great folks about passing on the torch of Democracy Digest periodic e-mails. It is looking like it might be a committee. Please let me know if you would like to help.

In the meantime, facebook is helping spread the word. If we are not friends yet, please find me: johngallo99 and consider friending me.

I was trying to stay below 300 friends, but have given up on that . I post about life, the fam, the homestead, and passions, like politics for a better world.

Here is the post I just made:

You did not know this, but you are a participant in a Game. If you know the rules, your team might win:

IF you vote today, the underdog, Team Democracy, has a chance of making a major upset victory over Team Oligarchy. IF you encourage others to vote today*, Democracy has an even better chance.

But, that means you have to overcome the thousand things** that will try to keep you from voting or encouraging. Be strong. Go TEAM DEMOCRACY***


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